Welcome to the Hwai-Jong Cheng Laboratory

A functional brain relies heavily on the proper formation of a neuronal network. The development of neuronal connections in the brain is a complex and intricate process that is influenced by various intrinsic and extrinsic molecular signals and neural activities. The Cheng Laboratory has discovered molecular signaling pathways and neural activity mechanisms involved in axon refinement during hippocampal neurogenesis and development of the motor and visual systems. We have been elucidating how these mechanisms interact and influence the development of the brain in both wild-type and disease models.



Current projects:



  • Congratulations to Dr. Hwai-Jong Cheng for receiving the 2015 UC Davis Academic Advising Award for Outstanding Faculty Advisor!  (Learn more)Advising award_HJ
  • Congratulations to Zachary Davis for his paper “Increasing spontaneous retinal activity before eye opening accelerates the development of geniculate receptive fields”  being accepted by the Journal of Neuroscience!
  • Congratulations to Atrin Toussi for receiving the Barry Goldwater scholarship, the nation’s most prestigious undergraduate award in science, mathematics, and engineering. She is the only 2015 Goldwater scholar from UC Davis, and she is also only the third Goldwater scholar from UC Davis in the past 7 years. (Learn more)